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Octagon Hockey

Octagon Hockey is part of Octagon, Inc.’s global Athletes and Personalities division representing world class Olympic, Action, Team and Individual sport athletes, sporting events worldwide and high profile personalities in the entertainment business. Octagon is consistently recognized in the sporting world as an innovative leader in the business of sport for its unparalleled reach throughout the sports world.

Octagon Hockey’s staff presents a combination of business, legal and NHL playing experience that is an unmatched resource of information, knowledge and success in managing our clients’ playing careers and personal lives. We have been involved in every aspect of the business of hockey from representing NHL hockey players since 1972 to having collectively played in more than 2,500 professional hockey games and coached/managed at every amateur level through to the CHL/College.

We have a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the demands placed on young hockey players as they work their way towards the NHL. In addition, we have the ability to effectively communicate the level of commitment required for a first rounder to realize his potential and the seventh rounder to maximize his untapped talent, all in an effort to turn dreams into reality. Most importantly, we continue as trusted advisors long after our clients’ playing careers have ended.

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